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Which Pearls Would You Like For Your Jewelry?

You must have seen different colors in pearls, in fact these lovely beads are very difficult to find bearing the same shape and size unless of course these have been manufactured in a factory and are made of plastic.

Real pearls come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Authentic pearls are beautiful and have a quite elegant shine of their own which is difficult to find in any artificial pearl. Pearls are beautiful but that these can combine with any metal and stone makes these more attractive. Even when pearls are combined with different colored precious stones and metals, you will find these do not loose their glamour and shine.

There are so many different types of pearls available in the market. However, the color of pearls depends on the oysters that these grow in. Different regions of the world have their own pearl specialties. You will find astounding ranges in pearls. You will find ones in the shade of golden yellow, white, silvery white, pink, grey or black, etc.

Pearls also come in two different varieties one is that are cultivated in the sea and the second ones are those cultivated or grown in fresh water. Fresh water pearls happen to be smaller than the sea pearls. Some of the earliest pearl finding regions were the Indian Ocean and the South Seas, today, natural pearls are rare. You will find people cultivating pearls quite successfully. Cultivated pearls are known as cultured pearls. However, this technique is complicated and requires a lot of primary investment.

One of most expensive variety of pearls is the conch pearl. This pearl is rare therefore extremely expensive. For durability it is the blister pearl which can withstand little bid of ruggedness. The abalone pearl is again very expensive. These pearls are attractive and have unique luster and shine. Mabe pearl cannot be found round, it is ideal to be used in necklaces or as buttons on expensive dresses. Pearly lining grown on mollusk, these are hard and known as mother of pearl.

Most of the times freshwater pearls are small and have very attractive colors whereas sea water pearls have more shine and luster. These are also larger in size. At times accidental pearl growth can be found on oyster lining but these cannot be guaranteed to have same value or durability.

Pearls can be used in any type of jewelry and for any occasion. Pearls are also known to be useful for people with aggressive and hot temperament. Wearing a pearl on constantly can cool such people down. This is claimed by those promoting usage of precious stones for making life of individuals better.



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