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Personalized Nameplate Jewelry

Personalized nameplate jewelry is unique handcrafted work of art using silver, gold (10kt, 14kt) and platinum plates, in many different fonts and styles to express your personality. Nameplate chain, bracelet, anklet, earring, body jewelry are all included in category of personalized nameplate jewelry. Plates used for personalized nameplate jewelry can be single plated, double plated and also can be made in special shapes like heart, rectangle, circles, as a matter of fact, any shape or style can be done in nameplate jewelry world.-this is where your personality come into play. Just be creative to express yourself. Be all you can be!

Nameplate necklaces have always been popular but Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) made them very popular from famous TV series "sex and the city". Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field, who first put the necklace on Carrie, says she was inspired by customers in her downtown Manhattan clothing shop. Nowadays, many rappers and hip hop artists played an important role in making nameplate jewelry so popular in creating their logo, not only using different sizes of diamonds and their birthstones, and also using two tone(yellow and white) gold.

Nameplate bracelets can be made as a set of name necklaces, but many fans of name jewelry seem to enjoy wearing only name bracelet by itself. It is quite similar to name necklace, but
the only thing is to pay close attention to sizing your wrist so that it stay fit perfectly comfortable.

Name earrings are other perfect option to let them notice you. No matter what kind of earrings you use hoops or shaped earrings or nameplate studs, it looks definitely stylish. Just remember in creating nameplate earrings, try to make them not so heavy. After all, you will look nice when you wear it nice and comfortable.

Personalized nameplate jewelry is perfect medium to express who you are, where you came from if you vitalize it in a unique and creative way as well as ideal form of gift for your special one. As long as people who adore creative work of art exist, nameplate jewelry will remain as a valuable method to show the rest of the world who you really are. Express yourself in style!

Amethyst Hur is a jewelry expert dedicated his time in creating and marketing jewelry for nearly 2 decades. He has a in-depth knowledge from silver to platinum, from cubic zirconia to top quality diamond, even fashion jewelry!



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