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Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry

Where would we be with Sterling Silver Jewelry. It is one of the most versatile and beautiful forms of jewelry on the market. Sadly, it does come at price as the jewelry can tarnish very easily. The good news is this oxidation can be prevented by doing taking some planned steps of prevention and some occasional polishing. Here, are seven key steps to follow:

1. The sterling silver should be kept in a tarnish proof cloth in an airtight container. Ideally, you are looking for a way that keep the jewelry protected from gases, salts, and other substances in the air.

2. Do your best to keep the silver away from wood, light, or the sun for long lengths of time. These types of elements only expedite the oxidation process.

3. Chemicals should not come into contact with the sterling silver. Do not wear your jewelry while doing household chores or near the pool as exposure to chemicals like alcohol, bleach, chlorine and ammonia are more likely to occur.

4. Always put your jewelry on last. Make-up, perfume, cologne or other beauty aids should be put on before you put on the jewelry. The reason is that these too can speed up the oxidation process and in some cases, cause discoloration. o reduce chance of tarnishing, place the jewelry on after you have put on your make-up or perfume.

5. Since sterling silver jewelry can scratch easily, it is best to keep it separated from other jewelry, pins, or other items with sharp corners.

6. When it is time to polish your sterling silver use a cotton or silver cloth. These are great for taking off the natural oils from your skin that may be left on the jewelry. One other tip would be to use different cloths for silver and gold as gold can negatively impact sterling silver.

7. If you do find that your sterling silver has taken on some tarnish, there are a number of creams, dips and polishes that can take it off. A simple circular motion with one of these aids and a cotton cloth will work great for taking out tarnish.

These tips can help make your sterling silver jewelry shine as if it were new. With a little practice, you will become a pro at keeping your silver in tip top shape.



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