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Tips to Avoid Diamond Scams When Shopping For Rings

When you buy a diamond ring you have to be careful that you do not get taken in by one of the scams that are in frequent use today to try and trick you out of getting the most valuable diamonds for your money. A combination of lighting, sneaky tricks and lies is used in some places to try and scam you out of your money, but there are some easy things to look out for that will stop you being a victim.

One mistake that a lot of people make is to think diamonds are of a better quality than they actually are. This is in no way the fault of the customer but to avoid this happening to you then make sure that you check the ring carefully. Sometimes any marks that reduce the clarity are hidden under the setting so they are not easily visible- check all around the diamond and make sure this is not the case for you. Also, some flaws are disguised by the use of lighting in stores. Bright lighting makes the diamonds shine and so you cannot see any problems: look in darker, or even better natural, lighting to double check.

Fluorescence scams are also quite common when you are shopping for diamonds. If you are told a diamond is 'blue-white' or 'pink-white' then doesn't it sound more special? Well it is not, it is just a trick when in fact the diamond is less valuable as it is flawed. Don't fall for this- a classic diamond is always the best anyway, so even if there was such a thing you would be better going for a normal diamond as it is a classic.

One of the nastiest scams out there is when you take your own diamonds in, possibly to be set in a ring yourself, and the jeweller changes it for a different one. This can also happen if you need a ring resized after you have bought it. Be careful and get a thorough description of the qualities of the diamond you chose. That way you can have it examined elsewhere to ensure it matches up to the description you were given. Always use a jeweller you trust or have used in the past to ensure this does not happen to you.

Sometimes if a diamond is off colour then a dot of another colour may be painted on to it to counter this. It seems to be clearer this way and so you can be charged a higher price.
If your ring has multiple stones then you will often see that it has a carat rating on the description, but this is often for all of the diamonds on the ring and not just the main one. If you do not take this in to account you could think you have a better ring than you actually do. Ask for the rating of each stone separately.

Realising these things will mean you get the best value for money and avoid scams.



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