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Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement rings come in so many styles and metals that they can be confusing to buy say the least. Many couples will pick out an engagement ring together, but if you are planning a surprise engagement then taking your partner to the jewelers probably isn't very subtle.

One thing that is typical with most engagement rings is that they have a diamond in them; whether this is one or several is up to you and your budget. However, this is basically where the rules end and you are left to your own devices.

Cuts of diamonds can vary and there are so many different shapes to choose from: round, princess, pear, oval, emerald, heart, marquise to name just a few. What you want to think about is the style that you like and whether you want something very traditional (round) or something more individually suited to your future fiancée. Look at the styles of ring your partner has already to see which cut she favours, look at what her friends have got and see her opinion on these, look at her face when ring adverts are on. Ultimately you should be able to see what sort of cut she likes. If you know her friends well maybe take one of them along to help you?

Next, think about the style. Solitaire rings have always been the tradition and a favourite of women, but why not be more individual and go for a cluster or a three stone ring? Think about size too, a large diamond is always nice, but bear in mind it has to fit next to the wedding band. If you can then opt for a ring where matching wedding bands are available so you can buy this when you come to wed, this way they will look perfect on the finger.

If you can get into her jewelery box then you should be able to see whether yellow gold, white gold or platinum is her favourite. Try and take a ring with you to the jewelers so you can get the right size too. You want to buy something that she will be comfortable with and can also wear straight away.

To ensure you buy the best you can afford then use what we call the 4 C's. These are carat, clarity, colour and cut. Ask the jeweler about each of these aspects and you will be able to determine the rarity of the diamond. Go for the best you can afford. A typical engagement ring costs around 1 and a half to 3 months salary, but if this is too expensive or you have saved more then just go for the best you can get.

Ultimately, a woman wants an engagement ring which shows that you have considered them and their style. If in doubt, go for the one which you feel is most like her- if you want to marry her you should know enough about her to do this. At the end of the day, if you put a lot of consideration in to it then the ring should be fine.

And don't forget to put the ring you used for sizing back in her jewellery box before she notices!



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